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Rhodes Family Practice

Medical Records

It is our policy to ensure your confidentiality and protect your privacy. We will not allow unauthorised access to your medical records and our computers are password protected.Should you require access to your records or other information, we require a signed consent from the authorised person.


We provide reminders about when your next immunisation is due. We provide reminders about your next pap smear, if previously done by us. We also send SMS reminders of all booked appointments made more than 24 hours ago.

Results, Recalls and Referrals

It is preferred that you return to discuss your results face to face with the doctor to protect your confidentiality and ensure that results are explained thoroughly.
Most test results will be available within 3 days.

If your results are deemed urgent, we may contact you to return earlier to discuss this with the doctor.

In any other case it is preferable for you to book a follow up appointment to discuss the results of the tests.

Referrals will be issued only during a consultation with the doctor, this is to ensure that adequate information is provided in the referral.


Medical certificates are legal documents and are available only if you present for consultation with your doctor. The doctor is unable to issue medical certificates retrospectively.


Appointments are preferred for routine visits and are given priority.

However, we do have a walk in system for any urgent consultations and we will try to arrange a short emergency consult with you. A standard consultation is scheduled around 15 minutes, but if you require extra time, please advise the receptionist that you require a longer appointment

We understand that health needs vary and occasionally, sometimes we run behind schedule as result of this. We will endeavour to try to keep appointments time close to schedule. To minimise your inconvenience, we may contact you to inform you if we are running excessively behind schedule. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience.

Booking Policy

When you make an appointment, you are reserving the doctors time. If you do not attend the appointment, it can result in someone else not having the chance to make an appointment. At least 1 hour prior notice is required for changes or cancellations to your booking.

Feedback and Comments

We always welcome comments and suggestions regarding the care and service you received at this practice or any queries about our policies.If you have a complaint or feedback as to how we may improve our services, please feel free to speak to either of our doctors.

You may also contact Health Complaints Commissioner:
Level 13, 323 Castlereagh St.
Haymarket, Sydney 2000
Toll Free in NSW 1800 043 159